Talk about drama

So, things had been going really well in Spain. The person from ONCE who is working with me is good, and she will be working with me again next week, to show me how to find my classes within the school building.

I’ve also got most of the things I need for my room, and know that online supermarkets work well, so ordering food that way is probably going to be the easiest, at least at the moment with attending classes every day. I also found out that I will be taking morning classes, ending at 1:30 which I was pleased about.

Isla seems to be happy enough here, the room is very big so she has plenty of space, and there’s grassy areas outside that she can go on. The school have also been great, even though I haven’t started yet, so I have no concerns in that respect.

But today was just, I don’t even know how to describe it. We were planning to do the route to the school and then buy a few more things I needed. We went and got breakfast and then after when we were about to leave my dad realised he didn’t have one of his bags. It was the bag with all the maps in it, which wouldn’t have been so bad except it also contains both our passports and his driving license. The last time either of us remember seeing it was yesterday, in one of the places that you can buy food in the building. We asked around all of them, went to the main desk, and even called the school as we visited there yesterday too, but nobody has seen it. Our best guess is that he put it down and someone has taken it.

So he went to the police station, and they issued us a form saying that it has been stolen, this will enable him to get emergency travel documents to fly home next week. Because I’m here longer it’s possible I will have to visit the embassy to get a new one issued, which means either going to Alicante or Barcelona. Obviously being in another country with no ID is far from ideal, I’m just hoping that I can get replacement documents soon. Luckily for me, I had Isla’s pet passport with me, as potentially it could have been more complicated to get that replaced than my own.

It has to get better from here on right?

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