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Support Marginalised Authors

Here you can find a resource listing authors from marginalised backgrounds. I hope you will support them by buying their books and generally showing them some love.

I was inspired to create this list by a discussion that happened on twitter and this tweet in particular.

I’ve divided the list into sections to help you sort through it more easily. Some authors could have been put under multiple headings, (intersectionality ftw!), but I chose to only include them under one in order to prevent duplicate content.

To help me expand this resource please leave suggestions in the comments, or you can tweet me at @CatchTheseWords

Authors of color

Disabled Authors

LGBTQ authors

Please buy books from this list. It’s so important that literature represents the lived experiences of everyone, and to ensure that happens accurately we need to be supporting authors who can write characters that reflect their own experiences.

I’d love it if you’d help me grow this list as well by suggesting authors I can add to it.

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