It’s Official: I Decided to Study in Spain

Everything is ready to go, I booked my flights last weekend. I’ll be going to Valencia for 5 months where I’ll be studying Spanish. It’s actually an interesting choice of place, seeing as Spanish isn’t the only language spoken there. I still have things to do, like figure out what I need to take with me, and buy my travel insurance, but the majority of things are already organised.

I leave on January the 3rd and return on June the 6th. I’ll be taking classes Monday to Friday, either in the mornings or the afternoons, though I won’t find that out until I arrive. It’s pretty cool because that gives me the other half of the day to do things and find out about new places, so I like that.

I’m taking Isla with me of course, I have her pet passport ready, it was actually really easy to get. Luckily, the brand of dog food I give her is available in Spain, I just have to figure out how to use their site as it’s all in Spanish. I’m hoping I can call them in the UK and they will be able to transfer my order or something like that, it would be really cool if they could.

I’m going to tentatively say I’ll regularly blog while I’m out there, though I know how that usually turns out.

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