Hour 5: a readathon update on my progress

So we are mid way through hour 5. I’m about to go and get some food and also read a short story as I think this will help me. I have already finished 2 books, something I am pretty proud of. I’m definitely on track for my goal of 4 books, not including short-stories. If you are participating then you should definitely visit the main readathon website as each hour they publish a post including mini challenge details, and the winners of prizes. All you have to do to win a prize is be active at the link you provided and you could be in with a chance of winning, so it’s definitely worth looking at!

I’ll be giving away more prizes later and I have also donated to the hourly prize draw, so I hope whoever chooses mine enjoys it.

I’m updating my [Goodreads account](http://goodreads.com/catch-these-words] with my progress, but here’s a rundown of what I’ve been reading.

I’ll update you all again in a couple of hours time. If you would like to read more regular readathon musings from me please visit me on twitter @holly1994

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