Isla running outside

Four Years a Guide Dog Owner

It’s hard to believe that just over four years ago I started working with my first guide dog, Isla. We have attended two schools, started university, lived in another country and travelled to the US together.

We are reaching our prime as a team, we’re at a stage where for the most part we work perfectly in tandem. I can tell how she feels, what she’s responding to by the slightest movement through the harness handle. This doesn’t mean I don’t have things left to learn, I truly believe that there is always more to discover, more ways of improving our work.

I remember how awful the first year was. How much I struggled to get used to the attention you receive when you are part of a guide dog team. People who see me will still know how uncomfortable it makes me, but I have come so far personally over the last few years. Whatever choice I make once Isla retires, I will be better for having been part of this team.

Isla running outside

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