Studying in Spain: an unforgettable experience

I’ve been back in England for 3 days now which is a bit hard to believe. Studying abroad has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I’m so glad that I made the decision this time last year to investigate it. It took almost 6 months to organise and I had no […]

So Where Are The Bins?

Valencia is an interesting place to live. Set aside the festivals, the variety of shops, huge amount of museums and places of cultural significance, it is constantly changing. A quick walk around the campus where I live demonstrates this perfectly on a daily basis. I spend a reasonable amount of my time searching for something […]

The first month in Spain and a strange exchange

I’ve been in Spain almost a month, which is crazy, really crazy. I only have 4 months left here and it already feels like it’s going to go so fast. At first, there was only 4 of us, including myself, in the class. However by week 2 2 more people had joined us, and now […]

A Friday Update

So I have the afternoon free and thought I’d write an update. Today I went to the school again, this time on my own. Previously I’ve been doing it with the person I am working with from ONCE, but I wanted to do a couple of things. I put more money on my card for […]

Talk about drama

So, things had been going really well in Spain. The person from ONCE who is working with me is good, and she will be working with me again next week, to show me how to find my classes within the school building. I’ve also got most of the things I need for my room, and […]

Hello From Spain

Last Saturday I arrived in Valencia after a very long day of travelling. I got up and started to get ready at 4 in the morning, feeding Isla and packing my laptop bag. Me and my dad left the house at half 5 so that we would be at the airport in plenty of time. […]

It’s Official: I Decided to Study in Spain

Everything is ready to go, I booked my flights last weekend. I’ll be going to Valencia for 5 months where I’ll be studying Spanish. It’s actually an interesting choice of place, seeing as Spanish isn’t the only language spoken there. I still have things to do, like figure out what I need to take with […]

Pre Travel Blog: My Experiences Booking Flights and Assistance

As many people already know I’ll be heading to the US in July for 3 weeks to visit friends. I’m going to be spending time in Texas, California and Illinois. I’m really excited for this, it should be a really great time. I’m also planning to blog when I’m there, though I don’t yet know […]

ICC 2013

This summer I got to go to ICC for the first time. ICC is the international camp on communication and computers and it’s something I’ve wanted to attend for a few years. It’s held in a different country each summer and is attended by blind students primarily from Europe. This summer it was held in […]