Hello From Spain

Last Saturday I arrived in Valencia after a very long day of travelling. I got up and started to get ready at 4 in the morning, feeding Isla and packing my laptop bag. Me and my dad left the house at half 5 so that we would be at the airport in plenty of time. […]

It’s Official: I Decided to Study in Spain

Everything is ready to go, I booked my flights last weekend. I’ll be going to Valencia for 5 months where I’ll be studying Spanish. It’s actually an interesting choice of place, seeing as Spanish isn’t the only language spoken there. I still have things to do, like figure out what I need to take with […]

Pre Travel Blog: My Experiences Booking Flights and Assistance

As many people already know I’ll be heading to the US in July for 3 weeks to visit friends. I’m going to be spending time in Texas, California and Illinois. I’m really excited for this, it should be a really great time. I’m also planning to blog when I’m there, though I don’t yet know […]

ICC 2013

This summer I got to go to ICC for the first time. ICC is the international camp on communication and computers and it’s something I’ve wanted to attend for a few years. It’s held in a different country each summer and is attended by blind students primarily from Europe. This summer it was held in […]