You mean you want it too? Perpetuating violence through the erasure of disability in discussions of sexuality.

How often have you heard disability and sexuality in the same conversation? In discussions of what makes the perfect partner, the idea that a disabled person could meet any of those requirements is either pitiable, or laughable for most people. We are not seen as viable partners, instead we often exist to inspire others, rather […]

Please don’t touch me

I don’t like being touched. In truth, I never have, but I think my hatred of it has perhaps increased as I’ve gotten older, or the results of it are much more apparent. I hate the feeling of strangers making physical contact with me, it makes me feel sick, like my skin is crawling and […]

I’ll take the help, but remember why I need it.

It’s February the first and I’m excited because nominations open for the Students Union spring elections. I am hopeful that I will be nominated for the position of disabled student’s officer. I want to make a positive difference at my university for all students, but especially students with disabilities like myself. It is upon opening […]

My Response to an Appology from The Mighty

On the 20th of December well-known website The Mighty published a post entitled Meltdown Bingo, upsetting many within the disability community. They quickly took down the post after receiving negative criticism from readers. I myself didn’t see the post until another blogger wrote a response to the website. The Mighty has since issued an apology, […]

Disabled Students Allowance Changes: What Impact Will They Have?

In December 2015 the government announced the changes to disabled students allowance (DSA), that will be coming into effect in the 2016-17 academic year. The changes place more responsibility on higher education institutions to provide for disabled students as opposed to the government funding all support. The government argues that these changes recognise the increasing […]

So What Are You Going To Do?

I’m sure many of you have seen that Donald Trump is back in the spotlight again. This time for mocking a disabled journalist. Obviously I think this behaviour is pretty awful, but it did give me cause to think about how the media reports such things. I’ve seen many newspapers, and individuals, saying he has […]

When I Didn’t Have the Words

I only recently discovered the term ableism. Up until then I knew that being disabled changed the way people acted around me but I had no word to encompass what was happening. I struggled as a child to voice why I found the actions of other people so frustrating, why seemingly small things felt so […]

On Parenting and the Influence of Ableist Ideas

I’m an adult with a disability and I experience ableism on a daily basis. It’s not always directed at me but I see it in the way others behave more often than I’d like to say. So I wanted to talk a little bit about how ableist ideas can have a negative impact on disabled […]