I’m going to speak at the European Parliament!

Yes, it’s true. On Tuesday the 31st of January I’ll be speaking at the European Parliament with the other co-founders of Disabled Survivors Unite. I can’t quite believe this is happening, even though I’ve been sitting on the news for a month now. We are speaking on the panel “Domestic Violence Against People with Disabilities” […]

What it’s Like to Look Blind

“I don’t want to look blind,” they say. I hear it time and time again in discussions with other people, those who have recently lost their sight and also those who have been blind since birth. “I’ll use sighted guide, if I walk with someone nobody will know.” “I won’t use a cane. I can’t […]

Happy World Braille Day!

I started to learn braille when I was only a toddler. By the age of four and a half I entered school being able to read and write uncontracted braille. I then progressed onto grade 2 (contracted braille) and the maths and science codes. Braille was the foundation of my education. It enabled me to […]

Computer, pen and notebook on desk.

Five Need to Know Internships for Disabled Students

For most students, internships make up a core part of your university experience. If, like me, you’ve realised that you really need to get a move on and find some relevant work experience, an internship can be the perfect choice. If, also like me, you are disabled, finding an internship that works for you might […]

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What the Internet Wants to Know About Blind People

The fact that many people are confused and even scared by blindness isn’t new to me. I can’t count the number of times someone’s prayed for my sight to be restored or told me that I should devote my life to seeking a cure. The idea that I might be comfortable, and even happy, with […]

White cane

Five Surprising Things I Realised About Being Blind

I’ve been blind since birth so you’d assume I’ve got it all figured out. But every so often I realise something that takes me by surprise. 1: I don’t know what colour most things are. I know the grass is green and the sky is blue (who doesn’t), but I realised in conversations with my […]

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ROFA 2016: Uniting Our Voices and Defending Our Rights

On July 14th I attended ROFA 2016, the national conference of the Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance. It was an incredibly empowering experience that I strongly believe has changed my life for the better. ROFA is an alliance of DPO’s (disabled people’s organisations), individuals and allies who work to create an inclusive society and defend disabled […]

No, I don’t need your permission thank you very much

Today a news article has been circulating on my facebook. Two blind people went to a restaurant to eat dinner and were told to leave…Because they are blind. Naturally I am angered by this and so are most of the blind community. But what about the people who aren’t disabled, or don’t know someone who […]

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Being a blind student in 2016: A far cry from accessible

Being a student is many things. Being a blind student adds an extra layer onto all of them. For me, it has been laughter and friendship, discovering new places, selfie’s and food with great people. But it’s also been a pretty stressful experience, thanks to a lack of organisation on the part of my university. […]