What I Hear when you Talk about Hope

I hope for many things in my life. I hope I will graduate with a good degree, that I will find a job, that I will start a family some day. I hope for happiness and friendship and lots of laughter. We all hope for different things. I have friends who are blind like me […]

Celebrating National Braille Week in Your School

It’s National Braille Week and it’s no secret that I love braille. It might sound strange to essentially be saying I love a font, however when you consider how many blind people are denied the opportunity to learn it you start to understand. Braille has quite honestly changed my life. Numerous times on this blog […]

We Need you…but only if you’re not Disabled

The employment event was crowded. The sound of many conversations washed over me as I navigated through the crowd, Isla seeking out a path for us. Multiple tables were set up, some advertising graduate schemes, others volunteering opportunities. I had a list of people I wanted to see. I’m in my second year and not […]

It’s not Cute, it’s Equality

This week an article was shared on Buzzfeed about a blind teenager who, for the first time in her life, read a menu at a restaurant independently. The menu was given to her in braille, enabling her to select what she’d like to eat. The event itself is encouraging, it’s imperative that businesses consider how […]

Have you Ever Tried Glasses?

The conversation starts something like this: “So how long have you been blind then?” I could be in an airport waiting to board my flight, settled in the back of a taxi on the way to the train station or queueing for a cup of coffee. The setting isn’t important, my blindness is. Usually I’ll […]

When a Man on the Bus Said my Eyes Look Strange

“Are you partially sighted?” The question came to me from behind and to the right, a seat somewhere behind where my friends were sitting. I awkwardly fidgeted, not really wanting to answer but knowing if I didn’t anger, or at the least persistence would follow. “No,” I muttered. I hoped he would realise I was […]

Intentions are Bullshit

There. I said it. As disabled people, we talk a lot about intentions and how we should react to them. A non-disabled person started pushing your wheelchair, thinking they were helping. They took the arm of a blind person and walked them across the road, even though the person said they were ok. They picked […]

What does it Mean to be Me?

I am an activist. I am a student. I am a girl who every day is evolving. And I don’t know how to balance all of these things. My activism is impacted by my disability. My disability is impacted by my being a girl. My brand of feminism is impacted by all of these things. […]