sun behind clouds

A Girl Wreathed in Shadow

I think we are laughing as we approach the counter, probably talking about people we know or our day so far. My guide dog, Isla, steps in front of me and tucks herself underneath the desk, quietly waiting for me to let her know when she is needed again. “Hi,” I say to the guy […]

Spotlight shining on stage

She will Make the Stage her Home

The wooden bench is hard under my legs but that’s not the reason I can’t stay still. The smell of other people is strong, the hall full of children and their parents. Soon the music will begin and I will stand, turn to the right and move forwards until my foot hits the bottom step. […]

I am an invisible girl

You don’t see me standing next to you. There is air where my skin should be, my bones non-existent. There is no blood in my veins, no heart pushing life round my body, no lungs to take in breath and sustain me. This is a lie. I feel my body too clearly, my limbs are […]