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What I Bought my Guide Dog for Christmas

Isla is six. She’s an excitable, hard-working yellow labrador/golden retriever cross. And those of you who read my blog will know that she’s my guide dog.

This year I’ve gone mad about Christmas. I’ve bought a little tree, far too many presents and am planning all the exciting things I want to bake if I have the time and energy. As a result, Isla can expect to receive a few presents this year.

If you have a dog, whether a service dog or just a pet, hopefully this blog post will give you some last minute ideas. Amazon prime is magic and it might just mean your furry friend has some presents too.

Good Boy Dog Selection Box

In my house, a selection box is a must have Christmas present. I can remember coming downstairs on Christmas day knowing that I would get one. And I personally loved the continuity.

So this year I decided that Isla could join in with the fun.

Blueberry Pet Christmas Santa Claus’s Reindeer Holiday Season Dog Collar with Detachable Bow Tie

I absolutely love this Christmas themed collar. The colours aren’t over the top at all, in fact I think it would be a lovely gift for any dog. The bow is very cute in my opinion, however you can remove it if it isn’t your thing.

The collar is well made and seems very comfortable.

Good Boy Christmas Dog Stocking

Another Christmas essential. I love unwrapping presents, but there’s something really exciting about seeing what little gifts will be contained within your Christmas stocking. I’ve had so much fun choosing items for my family this year, and was originally planning on making Isla a stocking.

However I saw this and really wanted to buy it for her. It’s filled with treats and a toy that any dog will love. It will also hopefully keep them entertained so you can have a quiet Christmas dinner!

Other suggestions

I didn’t get these for Isla, but they are products I either had already or have my eye on. Hopefully these will give you even more inspiration.

KONG Wubba Dog Toy

If you’re dog is a fan of squeaky toys and playing fetch, this toy is a must have! Me and Isla are both big fans of all Kong products, Isla because they provide her with hours of fun and me because they are always worth the money I spend on them.

KONG Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toy

Another toy from Kong, this one with a bit of a twist. The ball can be filled with treats so not only is it a fun toy, it also gives you a bit of a break whilst your dog works to get the treats out!

KONG ZoomGroom Raspberry

I swear by this product. If your dog loses as much hair as mine does it is a very necessary adition to their grooming supplies. Not only is it really easy to use, my dog loves being brushed with it.

Price: £5.50
Was: £6.94

Good Boy Chewy Chicken Stars

I personally think these are a little pricey, but they are a cute, fun Christmas inspired bag of treats for your dog. If, like me you love everything Christmas, you might crack and decide the price is worth it!

What are you all buying your dogs for Christmas? Do you give them presents? Or in your house are they strictly reserved for humans. Why not let me know in the comments.

  1. Torie left a comment on December 18, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    I am not normally one to buy in to the Christmas stuff as i think Ushi or any dog won’t know the difference (it’s another day), but i did buy a box of those chewy dog toothbrushes you can get. They haven’t come yet-i ordered them ages ago!

    I love the zoom groom and the Firminator. Oh and paw wax for the salt to stop their paws cracking.

    I hope Isla likes her presents :).

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