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Support Marginalised Authors

Here you can find a resource listing authors from marginalised backgrounds. I hope you will support them by buying their books and generally showing them some love. I was inspired to create this list by a discussion that happened on twitter and this tweet in particular. want to help? buy & read some books by […]

Review: Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen

A fun new series by Sarina Bowen, featuring some much loved characters. Description In high school they were the perfect couple—until the day Georgia left Leo in the cold… Hockey player Leo Trevi has spent the last six years trying to do two things: get over the girl who broke his heart, and succeed in […]

2016 Book Signings

I haven’t managed to write many book reviews lately, mostly because I’ve hardly had the time to read. I promise there will be a few going up over the holidays now I have a little more time. But this semester just gone I was lucky enough to attend a couple of book signings. I went […]

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Five Gifts for the Potterhead in your Life

Note to my family: Please don’t read this post until after Christmas!!! I love Harry Potter. I grew up reading the books and my love for them has never died. I’m an out and proud Ravenclaw with a collection of Harry Potter clothing that is rapidly growing. As a result, I love buying gifts for […]

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What I Bought my Guide Dog for Christmas

Isla is six. She’s an excitable, hard-working yellow labrador/golden retriever cross. And those of you who read my blog will know that she’s my guide dog. This year I’ve gone mad about Christmas. I’ve bought a little tree, far too many presents and am planning all the exciting things I want to bake if I […]

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Funding a Third Year Abroad

So you’re going on a year abroad. Guess what, me too! I haven’t yet had chance to write about it but next academic year (2017-18) I will be heading off to another country for a whole year. Currently I’m hoping to go to Latin America somewhere, but we’ll see what happens. It can be quite […]

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Five Need to Know Internships for Disabled Students

For most students, internships make up a core part of your university experience. If, like me, you’ve realised that you really need to get a move on and find some relevant work experience, an internship can be the perfect choice. If, also like me, you are disabled, finding an internship that works for you might […]

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A Girl Wreathed in Shadow

I think we are laughing as we approach the counter, probably talking about people we know or our day so far. My guide dog, Isla, steps in front of me and tucks herself underneath the desk, quietly waiting for me to let her know when she is needed again. “Hi,” I say to the guy […]

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Four Years a Guide Dog Owner

It’s hard to believe that just over four years ago I started working with my first guide dog, Isla. We have attended two schools, started university, lived in another country and travelled to the US together. We are reaching our prime as a team, we’re at a stage where for the most part we work […]

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What the Internet Wants to Know About Blind People

The fact that many people are confused and even scared by blindness isn’t new to me. I can’t count the number of times someone’s prayed for my sight to be restored or told me that I should devote my life to seeking a cure. The idea that I might be comfortable, and even happy, with […]