I am not brave

Recently people keep saying to me that I’m brave and as much as I appreciate the fact that they are trying to pay me a compliment it really isn’t true. I live a pretty normal life, I go to school and I play sports in my spare time and just do what most teenagers are […]

Review: When God was a rabbit

I’m really behind on my book reviews I know! So over the next few days I’ll be posting reviews on here until I’ve fully caught up. The reviews come from my goodreads page but the ones I put on here are longer than the ones I post on the site so make sure you check […]

Review: The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman

This book is completely brilliant and is the sequel to the Left Hand of God, which I read about a year ago. The series follows Cale, who has been brought up in the sanctuary of the redeemers of the one true faith since he was a young child. Like the other boys their, he is […]