Celebrating Feria de Las Flores

Every year at the beginning of August the city of Medellín celebrates Feria de Las Flores. The first flower festival took place in May 1957, and included a parade that represented the end of slavery. The festival was later moved to August in order to celebrate the independence of Antioquia. These days the festival includes […]

How a Month in Medellín Taught me to Live

4 weeks ago, a plane I was on landed in the beautiful city of Medellín. I had no idea what to expect, having read very little about the city before I made the decision to study there. Armed with a suitcase, backpack and very tired dog I headed out of the airport to start my […]

A Study Session and Unexpected Friends

From the 28th of May to the 4th of June I went to Strasbourg to attend a study session ran by ESN (the Erasmus Student Network), ENIL (European Network on Independent Living) and the Council of Europe. It focussed on intercultural learning within a mixed ability group, gathering young people from across Europe to learn […]

30 Days

For so long it was just a dream. I knew when I started my degree that I’d be spending the third year in another country, but I never could have imagined it would be Colombia. That was too much to hope. Yet I am. I’ve spent the morning packing up my apartment in order to […]

I’m going to Colombia!

It is official, last night I received my acceptance letter to EAFIT university in Medellín. I have 3 months to sort out mine and Isla’s vaccinations, buy us insurance, find somewhere to live, organise o&m, get my visa, find a dog food supplier and buy my flight. And I am so ready to start! Not […]

Instapaper: an Accessible way to Save it Now and Read Later

Instapaper is an application that allows its users to save content to read later on. It’s available on iOS, Android and through your web browser. It’s perfect for people like myself who often find articles that look interesting but aren’t able to read them at the time. I decided to download the iOS app to […]

We Need you…but only if you’re not Disabled

The employment event was crowded. The sound of many conversations washed over me as I navigated through the crowd, Isla seeking out a path for us. Multiple tables were set up, some advertising graduate schemes, others volunteering opportunities. I had a list of people I wanted to see. I’m in my second year and not […]

It’s not Cute, it’s Equality

This week an article was shared on Buzzfeed about a blind teenager who, for the first time in her life, read a menu at a restaurant independently. The menu was given to her in braille, enabling her to select what she’d like to eat. The event itself is encouraging, it’s imperative that businesses consider how […]

The People who Made Isla

The bond between service dog and handler is almost impossible to explain. It is built upon trust, I trust Isla and she trusts me. We seek reassurance from one another, and we must be there to provide that reassurance. I’ve learnt to tell what she wants by her body language and the sounds she makes. […]