Always trust your guide dog

So if, like I thought, you think you are really smart read this story, I hope it will entertain you if nothing else!

Today I went to town to meet one of my friends from my old school and took Isla with me and we went on the bus. It was fairly uneventful; we got to town fine and met my friend. We decided to go for a walk through the museum gardens because we hadn’t really made any other plans. After we had walked for a while we decided to turn back and go the way we had come. I told Isla to go back and tapped my side, she turned a little but after that she wouldn’t budge. I said “back” again and tapped my side but she still wouldn’t move. I decided that blatantly she was just being stupid and I knew more than her so would just turn anyway.

I took a big step back and that was when I fell down the hill bank type thing. I wasn’t hurt but my pride was. Clearly my dog knows way more than me, she was definitely the superior one today.

So if you are anything like me your dog will be way smarter than you are.

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