A Friday Update

So I have the afternoon free and thought I’d write an update.

Today I went to the school again, this time on my own. Previously I’ve been doing it with the person I am working with from ONCE, but I wanted to do a couple of things. I put more money on my card for the bus, and then got lost in Valencia…which is hardly surprising really. At least I know my spanish is reasonable enough to get myself unlost!

I start classes at 8:30 next monday, I’m looking forward to it. Everyone has been really cool, it’s very different to england in so many ways, but I think i’ll write about that separately.

The only problem I’m having is a little thing with Isla. She is perfect on the routes, and her behaviour is excellent, though, I wouldn’t expect any less from her. However, she’s not overly keen on going to the toilet where I live. She keeps holding it and trying to go on route to the school. So we are having a battle of wills at the moment. There’s a couple of reasons, either she’s a little stressed, understandably so. Or she doesn’t like the area I’ve chosen, or she’s just not used to being with different people. She’s lived with my family for the past 2 and a half years, and living in university accomodation is such a different environment. So, although it’s frustrating, and something we need to work on I understand why she might be feeling this way. Other than that she seems really happy, so I can’t complain.

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