2016 Book Signings

I haven’t managed to write many book reviews lately, mostly because I’ve hardly had the time to read. I promise there will be a few going up over the holidays now I have a little more time. But this semester just gone I was lucky enough to attend a couple of book signings.

I went up to Manchester on the train to see Rainbow Rowell and Leigh Bardugo together. I had no idea until that point that they knew each other, and it was such an amazing experience.

I wrote a quick post on my Facebook page about it at the time, expressing my gratitude to Waterstones for making the experience so enjoyable for me, but other than that I didn’t really say much.

Leigh Bardugo is one of my favourite authors, her work is incredible. It’s always so nice to read an authors books and see how much they’ve grown, I know that sounds like a cliche but it’s true. The jump in complexity from the Grisha trilogy to Six of Crows was pretty mindblowing to be honest. Anyway, I can’t really recommend her books enough.

Me and Leigh Bardugo standing next to one another

Me and Leigh Bardugo!

I was lucky enough to take a picture with the incredible Leigh, and would definitely go to another signing of hers in future if I can.

I’ve only read one book by Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl. I have a lot to say about it, and how I identified with the main character, but I think that can wait for another day as it really is its own post. But getting to meet her was so great and I was too embarrassed to ask for a picture sadly.

I also went to Nottingham with my friend Anna to see Garth Nix. I met him before in August 2010, however the picture I took back then didn’t seem to survive me buying several new phones since then. As usual he was spectacular, both answering all our questions and reading from his upcoming book. He is so friendly, and has perfect etiquette around guide dogs, always asking and not distracting them when they are working.

Me, Anna, Garth Nix and two guide dogs.

Meeting Garth Nix with Anna

So all in all for meeting authors it’s been a great few months. I’d love to travel to book signings more often, but pain and limited energy, plus uni work and other commitments doesn’t really allow for that.

I’m hoping I can make it to a few in 2017 though! Any suggestions? Why not tell me in the comments.

Buy a copy of some of my favourites

Which ones are you going to buy?

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